InterOcean: Shipping Company Focused on Dry Bulk Cargo with a Post-Panamax Fleet
Axtel: Telecom Company Reaching 15 Million People in Six of the Largest Metropolitan Areas in Mexico
Avantel: Triple-Play Telecom Provider with LTE, WiMax and MMDS
TCBuen: Container Terminal Greenfiel
Coelce: Electricity distribution company for the State of Ceará
RV4 Desarrollos: City Regeneration Through Mixed Use Real Estate Development
HRLV: Run of the River Power Plant
JIA: Stevia Plantation and Processing Company
FERCO: Textile Focused Industrial Park with Strong Development Impact
Genhidro: Biogas Power Plant
Propalma: Vertically Integrated Palm Oil Business (Plantation and Processing Plant)
SVB: Bio-Gas Power Generation Project
Hydrosystems: Wholesale Water Supply and Distribution Company
Industrias Martec: Offshore Aquaculture and Wild Catch Processing
Procesa Chiapas: Vertically Integrated Sustainable Tuna Processing Company
Cablemas: Third Largest CATV Company with About 387,000 Subscriber
Ultrapetrol: Shipping Company Operating Various Vessel Types Throughout LAC
HGPC: Bio-Mass Power Plant Based on Giant King Grass
PanTerra Gold: Environmental Remediation Project to Treat Gold and Silver Tailings
Virgin Telcom: Mobile Virtual Network Operator in Mexico, Colombia and Chile
Iber Bolivia: Electricity Distribution Companies in La Paz and Oruro and Related Companies in Bolivia
Situsa: Urban Mass Transportation System
Ferrovias: Rail Company with All or Part of Three Separate Rail Lines in Brazil
Pronuvo: Black Soldier Fly Farm and Protein Processing Plant
Wind Telecom: Mobile Telecom Operator
Mexplus Puertos: Liquid and Grain/Dry Bulk Terminal
ZIP San Juan: Build to Lease Industrial Park for Labor Intensive Industries
Fertinitro: Construction and Operation of Two Trains of Ammonia and Urea
TV Cidade: Cable-TV Company Operating 4,200 km of Hybrid fiber-coaxial Cable Network
TRP: Container terminal
Transredes: Pipeline System with 3,000 km of Gas and 2,800 km of Liquid

*The portfolio companies presented are intended to be illustrative of the types of investments that may be made by the funds and do not include all investments made. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Current investments subject to change.